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"In a word, they look nothing short of terrific." — Jefferson Graham, USA Today

"As a video producer in a former life, I was honestly blown away at the quality of the video produced." — Michelle Maltais, Los Angeles Times

"We are unabashed fans of this do-one-thing-very-right service." — Michael Arrington, TechCrunch

"This is a site we love. You created a very cool video." — Ned Matura, Parenting Magazine

"A vivid example of great videos." — Michael Fitzgerald." The New York Times

"Supercharged videos." — Jamin Brophy-Warren, The Wall Street Journal

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Huge Selection Of Different Video Styles To Choose From!

Click on the triangle below to watch a video demo (Opens in a new window). Place your cursor over each video below to see the video style name.

Autumn Baby Beat Birthday Black Blossom Bouquet Brilliance Carousel City WeVids Video Demo: Colours Deco Earth Fire Fireworks Folds Future Grid Ink Noir Party Pinwheels Red Retro Roses Rustic Seashore Simple Sky Snow Vine Vintage Water

Hundreds Of Satisfied Customers

"WeVids created a great looking video in just a few days. Other companies wanted around $400 to do a similar style video, but WeVids did it for under $100!! I'm glad I found WeVids. I will be getting many more done in the future." - Eric Moore from BullhideBelts.com

"My video is ****ing awesome! I couldn't be happier! I have received a tremendous amount of compliments. Thanks again." - Scott Hensley from AffordableConcreteCutting.com

"I can't thank you enough for my video. The quality of the images and audio is superb!" - Vicki Klinowski from CollegeLoanConsultant.com

"AMAZING! You are amazing. I really love it! Approved! I will defo be getting more. Thank you." - Alan Hobbs from DentsandScuffs.com

"I was blown away by my video and the service was fantastic....couldn't be happier with the results!" - Trey Snodgrass from 1postcard.com

(Read many more customer testimonials at the bottom of this page)

Join the hundreds of satisfied customers that have used our web video production services and order your award-winning HD video today.

Perfect for successfully promoting your business, website, product or service on social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or adding to your website and impressing your customers (We include video hosting & an easy embedding tool with every order - See 'Free Bonus' details below).

Stand out from the crowd and make your competition green with envy. Order your own stunning HD video commercial at a fraction of the price you would normally pay.

Here's why our customers choose WeVids over other video production services:

  • Stunning Award-Winning HD Videos
  • Amazing Value At Only $99!
  • Choice Of Video Styles To Choose From
  • CUSTOM Video Option - Contact Us For Details
  • No Quibble Money Back Guarantee
  • Friendly Support
  • 48 Hour Delivery
  • High-Definition HD Videos
  • Real Value Bonuses
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • And much more...

How It Works

web video production 1

You select from one of our video styles

web video production 2

You provide the images, video & text you want to use in your video

web video production 3

We send you a preview video within 48 hours

You can send up to twelve still images and/or five-second video clips. Please Note: Images must be high resolution and video clips HD quality. You can select the background music from any of our demo videos above to use in your video or you can provide your own audio track if you wish.

Once you have placed your order, you will receive an email from us within 24 hours which contains a video Pre-Production form. Complete the form and send it back to us, along with any images, video clips and audio tracks you want to use in your video.

Once we have received everything we require from you, you will receive a preview video within 48 hours for your approval (Mon - Fri only).


Free Bonuses

You also get the following free bonuses worth over $100 with every order.

web video production 1

3 Months Free Video Hosting - VALUE $30

web video production 2

 Unlimited Free Revisions - VALUE $50

web video production 3

Free Submission To YouTube - VALUE $25

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Even though we have never had to use it, as we offer unlimited revisions to ensure you always receive a video you are 100% happy with, we also provide a 100% money-back guarantee for your complete peace of mind. Keep the preview video for up to 30 days, and if you don't like it for any reason, we will give you a full refund with no questions asked.

web video production guarantee

Order Now To Avoid Disappointment

We have a limited number of video orders we can take each day, so please order now to avoid disappointment. Complete the form below to place your order. Please contact us if you require any of the optional extras to the shopping cart before pressing the order button.

YES PLEASE I Want An Award-Winning HD Video For Only $99

web video production I understand I will be sent a video Pre-Production form within 24 hours after making payment, which I need to complete and send back to you, along with any images, video clips and/or audio track I want to use in the video

web video production I understand upon sending you the completed form and all media, I will receive a preview video within 48 hours (Mon-Fri)

web video production I understand you offer a 30-Day 100% No-Quibble Money-Back Guarantee

web video production I understand I will receive 3 Free Bonus Gifts worth over $100

web video production I understand that you only accept a limited number of customers each day to maintain your high standard of work, so I need to place an order now to reserve a spot and avoid disappointment

web video production

web video production  web video production   web video production

PLEASE NOTE: You DO NOT require a Paypal account to make a safe and secure online payment using Paypal - The Worlds largest online payment provider. All major credit cards are accepted.

If you do not have a Paypal account, simply click on the 'Don't have a Paypal account?' link on the Paypal order page to make an order with your credit or debit card.

Please select 'yes' when asked if you want to return to this website after making payment at Paypal, as you will be redirected to our online pre-production form which you need to complete and send back to us. Don't worry if you miss it, as we will also send you an email with a link to the form within 24 hours. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Web Video Production

"WeVids created a great looking video in just a few days. Other companies wanted around $400 to do a similar style video, but WeVids did it for under $100!! I'm glad I found WeVids. I will be getting many more done in the future." (He has!)

- Eric Moore from BullhideBelts.com

"WeVids over-delivering is an understatement. In less than 24 hours I have a professional video at a cost of under $100. Even better, thanks to Peter's generosity with his time and expertise I also feel empowered to start making my own videos - although given WeVids pricing, I may go on leaving it to the pros. The whole process has been smooth, quick and fun. After over paying through the nose for so many web services and products that fall way short of their promises, it is wonderful to find such an ethical operation that really comes through for their customers. I love my new video and can't wait to make the next one :)"

- Sarah Freeman from bipolar-lives.com

"AMAZING! You are amazing. I really love it! Approved! I will defo be getting more. Thank you."

- Alan Hobbs from DentsandScuffs.com

"I can't thank you enough for my video. The quality of the images and audio is superb! You expressed what I offer to my site visitors better than I could ever do and I can't believe how quickly you delivered the finished product. As a complete video newbie, I really appreciate the fact that I now have one of the most powerful marketing tools available, without spending the time and effort it would take to do it myself."

- Vicki Klinowski from collegeloanconsultant.com

"My video is ****ing awesome! I couldn't be happier! I have received a tremendous amount of compliments. Thanks again."

- Scott Hensley from affordableconcretecutting.com

"Fantastic! This is a fantastic way to attract clients to our website. It is professional, original and it sounds great. We had a very pleasant experience with WeVids, great service and quick. They delivered on their promises! Thanks again."

- Dominic Pijon from SeeYourPro.com

"Awesome job! Thanks for doing great work...I am ready to go! WeVids is fast and professional! As a small business owner, I am always looking for robust yet cost-efficient marketing options. WeVids exceeded my expectations! Thank you! You're the best!"

- Edwina Clark from ICanGlow.com

"I purchased a WeVids video on Friday and had my completed, professional video on the following Tuesday. The process was easy and fast and the cost was very reasonable. The result was exactly what I was looking for. The finished video really adds value to my web site I’m just delighted with the service, and I’ll be back for more."

- Kris Bovay from more-for-small-business.com

"That's amazing! Thanks very much - I'll certainly be recommending your service to others. Kind regards."

- Rob Martin from st-140.com

"The team at WeVids OVER delivers in every sense of the word. The end product is high quality and customized to the vibe and energy of your site. It's delivered AHEAD of schedule and the communication and support is superb. The bonuses received with my purchase were worth the cost of the video alone. Having video on your site is what keeps people on your web site This is an excellent way to get professional video at an amazing price.

This is very cool. And you've over-delivered AGAIN! You are a gem. I truly thank you and my web site thanks you too! :) Just call me a raving fan... Very excited. The ball is rolling and I like it."

- Suzie Price from pricelessprofessional.com

"OMG! My video  is awesome! WeVids provided a quick turn around and professional work that exceeded my expectations."

- Sheldon Scarboro from 7Bizs.com

"I want to take this opportunity to thank WeVids for the great job you did in the production of my video. It is really helping my business. I would definitely recommend your services and I give a five star rating. I look forward to working with you again in the future. I am grateful!"

- Liz Stover from elitemannersschoolofetiquette.com


- Priscar from GlobalChurchTV.com

"WeVids are easy and great to work with.  We are very happy with our web site introduction video and are looking forward to working with WeVids again for all of our web video production needs."

- Madeleine from greatbirthdaypartyideas.com

"That was another perfect transaction. There will be more on the way. Again thanks for all of your efforts."

- Scott from MaineConcreteCutting.com

"We love it! Thank you so much. We love it and will use you for other projects in the near future. We appreciate your patience and attention to detail."

- Solomon from TheFourthManFCG.com

"Whew that was fast. I love the video. It's short, clear and doesn't waffle along. It gives the benefits and sparks an interest. and for readers that now can't wait to find out how to get these benefits, it entices them to come to my web site and find out. Many thanks."

- Megan from nodiggardens.com

"I love watching my video over and over again - I love it! It's definitely eye-catching. Can't wait to show it to my customers. Thank you so much for your professional work and friendly service."

- Margarita Interthal from astrosway.co.uk

"Wevids is a professional video production company who works closely with the customer during the making of the video. Friendly and quick support. Thanks for the cooperation. I am very happy with the video, and will remember WeVids the next time we need another one."

- Theodorus Balvert from tcbnetworkmarketing.com

""WeVids was the difference maker for me and my business! The turnaround time was amazing, even through the Christmas and New Year holiday season.  They continued the communication and made sure that my needs were met.  In the end, I was blown away by my video and the service was fantastic....couldn't be happier with the results!""

- Trey Snodgrass from 1postcard.com

"Great video! I think that anyone who needs a video advertisement for their web site (or any other reason) would definitely be wise to check out your services. Your videos are powerful and to the point and your customer service is excellent!"

- Lynne from may-studio-music-lessons.com

"Absolutely perfect! Thanks again."

- Scott from Concrete-Foundations.com

"I was very impressed with the speed and professionalism of the service provided by WeVids. I was anxious to see if they could produce a professional looking video for such an affordable price and I left the whole process squarely in their hands. I was thrilled with the result. I received my video for approval within 48 hours of placing my order! I’ve also taken advantage of WeVids video submission service to make sure my business gets maximum exposure on video share sites, blogs, social networking sites and more. This video is the perfect way to promote my business, and I’m very glad that I chose WeVids for my first venture into the world of web video."

- Sue from the-puppy-dog-place.com

"We love the video!"

- Mike Reitz from jfrcars.com

"I've used the services of WeVids.com twice now. Both times I found them to be professional, helpful, going beyond what was expected to help me out. I received the videos quickly, which enabled me to get our new web site VerifiedSafe.com up and running in timely manner. I won't hesitate to use you again, and now recommend you to all my friends and business associates."

- Troy Williams from VerifiedSafe.com

"Thanks for the great service wevids. My video is already numero uno on Google! I am very happy :-)"

- Victor from natural-remedies-only.com

"I'm very pleased with the results of the video.  I love how you coordinated its feel with that of my site.  Your pre-production questionnaire asked all the right questions to streamline the video to my needs and the whole process went smoothly from beginning to end. Thanks again."

- Catherine Beier from givingbirthnaturally.com

"I hit the jackpot with WeVids! They have created a winning video for my site. The graphics and music captured the excitement of casino gambling. It also taught me how to promote my site's benefits resulting in a much improved marketing message - an extra bonus! WeVids is a sure bet to market your site, relay your message and increase traffic. I have already had a big jump in traffic."

- Gayle Mitchell from gamblingteachers.com

"The videos look real good. Thank you. I've been spreading the word!"

- Keny Joseph from watch-music-videos-online.com

"That is amazing...I am very happy with it!"

- Scott from AffordableConcretecutting.com

"The team at Wevids have been professional and extremely efficient in producing a video to help promote my internet business. I'm extremely happy with the quality of video produced and level of service offered. If you're serious about taking your web site to the next level using video, you'll definitely want to use Wevids."

- Carl-Peter from alcoholism-and-drug-addiction-help.com

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